Dates That Don’t Suck

Some dates are just flat out boring, awkward, sketchy, or just god-awful.

There are however,  good dates–great dates even. There are fun and exciting dates and ones that are simply perfect. Want to know what they are? Well, ok if you insist:


*Go Geocaching – a real life treasure hunt for adults!

*Go on a classy picnic- get some fancy wine, and classy cheese from the nice part of the store, and grapes. Enjoy the afternoon!

*Go to a drive-in-movie- Better than the tired ol’ dinner and movie at your local theater!

*Go to a petting zoo- Pet them.

*Take a hike and bring some snacks to enjoy when you get to the top.

* Build an EPIC fort- get blankets, pillows– whatever you need and watch movies inside or play cards.

*Go to a farmers market.

*Wake up, make some coffee and watch the sunrise with a blanket

*Or, if you are a night owl- Get some pillows and blankets, go outside and sip some wine and look at the stars.

*Go bowling

*Go tubing  (summer)

*Go to a corn maze (fall)

*Take a carriage ride with some hot chocolate -spike it if you like!  (winter)



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