Things I learned in College (Part 1?)

This is “part 1” because although I have spent 4 years in college, I still have about a year left. I have plenty of time for life to kick me in the ass, so there may be a “part 2” after I graduate and gain social acceptance in the real world.

I have learned a lot in college–Almost none of it related to the four years I have spent studying business. I leaned more about myself than I thought I could ever know. You think you know who you are…because well, you are yourself…and then you realize just how little you knew.

–       I learned that I am worth more than the liars and the cheaters.

–       I learned that I like to laugh, and humor is the best part of life.

–       I learned that I am an introverted person—and that’s O.K.

–       I learned that I love lists and just how sane they keep me.

–       I learned that I am capable of changing my life.

–       I learned that most of what my mother told me about myself was wrong.

–       I learned that I deserve someone who makes time for me and does not put me down.

–       I learned that listening to music changes my mood drastically and use it to my advantage now to     get shit done.

–       I learned what I truly believe about life and morality.

–       I learned I can be a bit pessimistic at times.

–       I learned just how low my tolerance for  bullshit is.

–       I learned that I want to do photography because it makes me truly happy.

–       I learned that LIVING life is something I don’t do enough.


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