Dates That Don’t Suck

Some dates are just flat out boring, awkward, sketchy, or just god-awful.

There are however,  good dates–great dates even. There are fun and exciting dates and ones that are simply perfect. Want to know what they are? Well, ok if you insist:


*Go Geocaching – a real life treasure hunt for adults!

*Go on a classy picnic- get some fancy wine, and classy cheese from the nice part of the store, and grapes. Enjoy the afternoon!

*Go to a drive-in-movie- Better than the tired ol’ dinner and movie at your local theater!

*Go to a petting zoo- Pet them.

*Take a hike and bring some snacks to enjoy when you get to the top.

* Build an EPIC fort- get blankets, pillows– whatever you need and watch movies inside or play cards.

*Go to a farmers market.

*Wake up, make some coffee and watch the sunrise with a blanket

*Or, if you are a night owl- Get some pillows and blankets, go outside and sip some wine and look at the stars.

*Go bowling

*Go tubing  (summer)

*Go to a corn maze (fall)

*Take a carriage ride with some hot chocolate -spike it if you like!  (winter)



Fall is my Favorite

I love fall. I love the crisp air, the warm scarves, the corn mazes and pumpkin carving….but mostly the food.

There is only one problem: It is not Fall. It is 88 degrees outside and only August 6th. So I am pretending it is fall and using Pinterest to gather every pumpkin and apple recipe that man has ever created–that, my friends is a lot of recipes. Recently, I have made pumpkin oatmeal and pumpkin smoothies, but now I am on the bigger and better things.

I found this nifty recipe I am going to try for baked apples in a CROCK POT! (If you don’t have a crock pot you can use the oven)  I love using my crock pot in the fall– it always makes my apartment smell amazing!

You can find the recipe Here

blog 2

I then stumbled upon this delicious looking apple bread!

bog 3

I cannot wait to try these! I figured that getting an early start will just give me MORE time to make MORE food!

Happy Baking!


Things I learned in College (Part 1?)

This is “part 1” because although I have spent 4 years in college, I still have about a year left. I have plenty of time for life to kick me in the ass, so there may be a “part 2” after I graduate and gain social acceptance in the real world.

I have learned a lot in college–Almost none of it related to the four years I have spent studying business. I leaned more about myself than I thought I could ever know. You think you know who you are…because well, you are yourself…and then you realize just how little you knew.

–       I learned that I am worth more than the liars and the cheaters.

–       I learned that I like to laugh, and humor is the best part of life.

–       I learned that I am an introverted person—and that’s O.K.

–       I learned that I love lists and just how sane they keep me.

–       I learned that I am capable of changing my life.

–       I learned that most of what my mother told me about myself was wrong.

–       I learned that I deserve someone who makes time for me and does not put me down.

–       I learned that listening to music changes my mood drastically and use it to my advantage now to     get shit done.

–       I learned what I truly believe about life and morality.

–       I learned I can be a bit pessimistic at times.

–       I learned just how low my tolerance for  bullshit is.

–       I learned that I want to do photography because it makes me truly happy.

–       I learned that LIVING life is something I don’t do enough.